The Vice Chancellor of Uppsala University, Sweden visits the Chemistry Department

Professor Eva Åkesson, Vice Chancellor of Uppsala University in Sweden visited the Department of Chemistry on the 29th November 2013. She was accompanied by officials (Dr. Peter Sunden and Stephanie Petersen) of the International Science Programme (ISP) which is hosted by Uppsala University and funded by Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA). The International Science Programme has benefited many units in the College of Natural Sciences (CoNAS) beginning with the Department of Chemistry in 1989; Department of Physics in 1999 and Mathematics more recently. Staff from the College of Natural Sciences have collaborated with colleagues in Sweden on research, publications, and exchange visits through support of the ISP. Various units in the college have also received donations of equipment.

At a meeting held during Prof. Åkesson’s visit, Dr. Mango (Deputy Principal of CoNAS) in his remarks expressed the gratefulness of the College for the partnership with ISP and Uppsala University which has bore many fruits and impacts. He highlighted that the ISP has supported basic sciences which is very rare with many funding organisations. At the same meeting, the Principal of CoNAS, Prof. J.Y.T Mugisha reiterated the remarks by Dr. Mango for the support from ISP and Uppsala University. Prof. Mugisha thanked Dr. Sunden for bringing the Vice Chancellor to our College. He also said that he hopes for continued support and partnership between CoNAS, Makerere University and Uppsala University.

The meeting was also attended by staff and students from the Department of Chemistry and other departments in the College. Several presentations were made at the meeting and they available for download.


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