Skilling students Exhibition & Career Seminar

Students from the Department of Geology and Petroleum Studies participated in the exhibition and career seminar under the theme “Skilling students; a way to boost Uganda’s resource”; an event graced by students from other universities as well as professionals from the Oil and Gas sector. The students exhibited several projects:

Stratigraphy project which was about a petroleum system containing a source rock, reservoir rock, trap and fault/ anticline;

Geology project which aimed at bringing the field closer in terms of rock samples in relation to petroleum exploration;

Development project which was a model of the general overview of an oil field;

Drilling project which was about the components of drilling fluids;

Drilling project having a drill rig prototype;

Geophysics project concerned with the generation of motion of seismic waves in strata;

HSE project which was aimed at making students aware of the necessary safety precautions to take while in the field.

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