NutriFish Donates a Solar Tent Dryer

NutriFish project donates Solar Tent Dryer to Kiyindi Women Fish Processors Association Community. The solar tent dryer was produced under the NutriFish project in the College of Natural Sciences as an innovation to help improve the quality and marketing of fish in Uganda. According to Mr. Kule Phillip, a member of the Kiyindi fishers community, the solar tent has helped them upgrade from drying their fish on the ground to drying in the solar tent hence improve quality of fish.

The Solar tent dryer is a unique dryer that dries fish to 100% moisture free. According to Ms. Logose Perus – Director Kiyindi Women Fish Processors Association, the tent is the first of its kind and has improved on the security of their products since it can be locked, better quality of fish and free from rodents.

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Solar tent 1
Solar tent 2
Solar tent 3
Solar tent 4
Solar tent 5

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