Wollega University discusses partnership with CoNA

The College of Natural Sciences (CoNAS) hosted a delegation from Wollega University, Ethiopia on Monday 13th November led by Dr. Tifsehit Solomon (Vice President – Community Engagement and University Industry Partnership). The delegation from Wollega University visited CoNAS to share experiences of teaching and learning in the natural sciences. The meeting also explored possibilities of collaborating in research activities, capacity building, staff and students exchanges.

Others members from CoNAS who attended the meeting were Assoc. Professor Fredrick Muyodi (Deputy Principal, CoNAS), Assoc. Professor Juma Kasozi (Dean, School of Physical Sciences), Dr. Joseph Kyambadde ( Head, Biochemistry and Sports Science, Assoc. Professor Muhammad Ntale (Department of Chemistry) and Dr. Jackson Efitre (Department of Zoology,

Entomology and Fisheries Sciences). The Wollega University delegation shared that they have just completed development of a strategic plan and road map to how to grow. Makerere was chosen as a possible partner because of its strides in research and rankings on the Africa continent and beyond. The visitors explained that they are much interested in: starting new post graduate degree programmes and therefore seek advice on how to. In addition they would be interested in joint teaching, research and supervision for those already existing. Some of the possible areas mentioned for collaboration with CoNAS include mathematical modelling, materials science, irrigation engineering, entomology, physics, chemistry, joint grant applications and joint conference organisation.

Other members in the delegation from Wollega University were: Dr. Negash Geleta (Vice President for Business and Development), Dr. Hipha Legese (Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer), Mr. Hunde Merga (Director for ICT) and Mr. Afsaw Temesgen (Plan and Project Director). It was agreed that Wollega University would take lead on developing proposals and action points then reach out to CoNAS on the way forward. The visitors also toured departments in CoNAS for a better understanding of facilities and resources in the college.

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