Dr. Florence Mutonyi D’ujanga inducted as a Fellow of the Uganda National Academy of Sciences (FUNAS)

Dr. Florence Mutonyi D’ujanga (Assoc. Prof.) from the Department of Physics was inducted as a Fellow of the Uganda National Academy of Sciences (FUNAS) on the 31st October 2014.

The Uganda National Academy of Sciences (UNAS) brings together a diverse group of scientists from the physical, biological and social/behavioural sciences. Its mission is to contribute towards improving the prosperity and welfare of the people of Uganda by generating, sharing and utilizing credible knowledge and information to give independent merit-based scientific advice to Government and Society.

Dr. Florence Mutonyi D’ujanga is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics, Makerere University. She served as the Head of Department till early 2014, a position held since 2004. Dr. D’ujanga holds a PhD, MSc, and BSc with a Diploma in Education, all from Makerere University. The research fields have been Materials Science with emphasis on properties of kaolin and local clays; and solar radiation with emphasis on the effects of ultraviolet radiation.  Recently, Dr. D’ujanga spearheaded the introduction of Space Science research within the Department of Physics and a GPS receiver has been installed on the roof of the Department to monitor ionospheric scintillations that affect signals from satellites. The space science research is in collaboration with other universities in Africa, the USA and Europe.

Dr. D’ujanga has presented many papers at both local and international conferences. She has also published a number of scientific papers in international journals.

Recent Publications in Refereed Journals:

1.      Ionospheric TEC variations during the ascending solar activity phase at an equatorial station, Uganda. Oron S., D’ujanga F.M. and Ssenyonga T.J. Indian J. Radio & Space Phy. 42, 7-17, (2013).

2.      Total electron content of the ionosphere at two stations in East Africa during the 24-25 October 2011 geomagnetic storm. D’ujanga F.M., Baki P., Olwendo J.O. and Twinamasiko, B.F. Advances in Space Research. (In press – Sept. 2012).

3.      Total Electron Content Variations in Equatorial Anomaly Region. D’ujanga FM, Mubiru J, Basalirwa C., Twinamasiko BF and Ssenyonga, TJ. Advances in Space Research. 50, 441-449, (2012).

4.       Equatorial Plasma Bubbles and L-Band Scintillations in Africa during Solar Minimum. Paznukhov VV, Carrano CS, Groves KM, Caton RG,   Valladares CE,  Semaala GK, Bridgwood CT,   Adeniyi J,   Amaeshi LLN,   Damtie B,   D’ujanga FM,  Ndeda JOH,   Baki P,  Obrou OK,  Okere B,  Tsidu, GM. Annales Geophys. 30, 675-682, (2012).

5.      Assessing the distribution of monthly mean hourly solar irradiation at an African Equatorial site. Mubiru J., Banda EJKB., D’ujanga FM. and Ssenyonga T.  Journal of Energy Conversion and Management Vol. 48, pp. 380-383, (2007).

6.    Assessing the distribution of solar irradiation in Mbarara, Uganda. Mubiru J., Banda EJKB, D’ujanga FM, Otiti T., Karume K., Nyeinga K. and Okello D. and Katongole N. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 90, No.1-2, 127-131 (2007).

7.    Assessing the performance of global and solar radiation empirical formulations for Kampala, Uganda. Mubiru J., Banda EJKB., D’ujanga FM. and Ssenyonga T. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Climatology. Vol. 87, No. 1-4, pp. 179-184, (2007)

8.    Using a regression model to estimate daily diffuse solar irradiation from cleaniliness index in Mbarara, Uganda. Mubiru J., Banda EJKB and D’ujanga FM. International Journal of BioChemPhys, Vol. 14,No.1-2, pp.61-65. (2005)

9.      Dependence of Kaolinite Content on Particle Size Distribution in Uganda Kaolin Clay. Kaahwa Y. and D’ujanga F.M. British Ceramic Transactions, 103,143-144. (2004)

10.  The Polarizing Effects in Sintered Kaolin. D’ujanga F.M., Kaahwa Y. and Atteraas L. Tanz. J. Sci. 28,63-70. (2002).

11.  Dependence of Porosity on Compaction Pressure in Drypressed Samples. D’ujanga FM. Kaolin International Journal of BioChemiPhysics, Vol.10 (2001).

12.  High Field Conduction in Mica. Kaahwa, Y. & D’ujanga, F.M. Discovery & Innovation, 4 (1992).

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