ASF Research Scholarship

A research scholarship in African Swine Fever in Uganda tenable at Makerere University under the guidance of Dr. Charles Masembe (senior lecturer in Department of Biological Sciences) was announced recently. Applicants should have completed year 1 of their MSc. programme. The theme of research is, ‘The role of wild pigs in the dynamics and spread of African Swine Fever in Uganda’. This is one of the capacity building initiatives of the College of Natural Sciences. The research scholarship is under the auspices of ASF-UGANDA. ASF-UGANDA is a collaborative research consortium targeting the complexity of African swine fever, and how effective ASF control strategies can be designed. Therefore the results obtained are likely to significantly contribute to disease control, animal conservation, and improvement of livelihoods through economic growth. The consortium will use a molecular ecological approach to understand the role of the bush pigs in the epidemiology of ASFV at the wildlife-livestock interface; it will determine the prevalence of ASF and monitor the movements of bush pigs at the interface; and assess genetic relationships among target species.

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