The First Wind Turbine installation on Makerere University Campus

Mr. Jimmy Chaciga, a Ph.D. Student at the Department of Physics, Makerere University, has installed a small-Scale Photovoltaics Solar Plant at the Department to supply clean renewable energy for a cooking technology being developed with a 2 kW Wind turbine generator added as a backup energy to the solar PV daily generation under the mentorship of Dr. Karidewa Nyeinga, Dr. Denis Okello & Professor Ole J. Nydal.

Jimmy and Dr. Denis (The Head of Department), explained the PV and wind turbine installations and operations to undergraduate students during the PV training held at the department of Physics from the 21st to 26th August 2023.

The system is both important step to the project work and to the students at the department to facilitate hands on practical skilling, installations and for further testing, and data logging to evaluate the performance of the system and improve on its current capacity and application to solve existing challenges in our society such as lack of fuel for clean cooking and clean lighting homes.