Welcome to the Cradle of Sciences at Makerere University

The College of Natural Sciences (CoNAS). CoNAS is one of the now 9 Colleges established under the collegiate system at Makerere University. The College teaches basic sciences namely: biochemistry, botany, chemistry, geology and petroleum studies, mathematics, physics, zoology and sports science. The College services students from other colleges thereby providing foundations for the applied sciences offered throughout the University.

The College also undertakes research in both basic and applied sciences in support of national development for Uganda. CoNAS is made up of two Schools which are further divided into departments;

The School of Physical Sciences,

The School of Biosciences.

The College offers various programmes both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


The mission of the College of Natural Sciences is to create and impart knowledge in basic and applied sciences to society through training, research and extension services for sustainable development.

Development of demands driven programmes
Development of demands driven research
Increase of practical skills in Science
Promote adaptation of technological advancement and break-through for development.
Promote the development of linkages with various institutions with similar aspirations
Forge Linkages with grassroots and the private sector.