Non-Timber Forest Products Markets: Actors And Income Determinants

TitleNon-Timber Forest Products Markets: Actors And Income Determinants
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsTugume, P, Buyinza, M, Kakudidi, EK
JournalJournal of Forestry

Trade in non-timber forest products (NTFP) is important in enhancing livelihoods of communities adjacent to forests. However, knowledge about actors and NTFP income determinants in Uganda is scanty. Yet this information is important in targeting profitable NTFP enterprises. This study explored factors that determine involvement in and income from NTFP trade. A survey of NTFP traders was conducted in eleven markets adjacent to Mabira Central Forest Reserve using semi-structured questionnaires. Dominant traders (50%) were females aged above 30 years and with low educational levels. Cross tabulations were done to assess the relationship between NTFP income and several independent variables. Significant variables were then modelled using Logistic Regression which revealed that season of the year, education level, market, nature of stall, level of trade, product and market accessibility were significantly associated with 39% variation in NTFP income (LR chi2 = 89.35, P = 0.000). Selling processed products from permanent premises was more profitable than selling raw materials in temporary structures. This calls for skills development in value addition processes and development of permanent NTFP markets in order to obtain maximum benefits from NTFP trade. Keywords: Socioeconomic, Non-timber forest products, Trade, Mabira, markets, Logistic regression, Market accessibility