Dr. Alice Nabatanzi awarded a Research Fellowship

Dr. Alice Nabatanzi, a Lecturer in the Department of Plant Sciences, Microbiology and Biotechnology at CoNAS has been awarded an Early Career Research Leader Fellowship by the University of Pretoria, South Africa. The fellowship will take a split-site approach between Makerere University and University of Pretoria. The fellowship is a ground-breaking programme which received a large number of strong applications from across the continent; after three rounds of assessment by experts, Alice’s proposal stood out.

Dr. Nabatanzi’s research will focus on: “Bio-Sources of Oxytocin” in response to the high maternal mortality rate in Africa due to stalled labour and uterine atony (failure of placenta ejection after birth). Stalled labour can result into low oxygen levels for the baby leading to still births and uterine rupture resulting into maternal death due to postpartum hemorrhage. In both aforementioned scenarios, the problem is inadequate uterine contractions calling for the use of uterotonics like Oxytocin. This research will entail the search for bio-sources of Oxytocin to improve affordability, sustainability, accessibility and build a bio-economy.

Dr. Nabatanzi holds a BSc. (graduated January 2011); MSc. (graduated January 2014); and PhD (graduated February 2017) from Makerere University.