Muslim Students Association (CoNAS-MSA)

College of Natural Sciences Muslim Students Association (CNSMSA) is an organization under Makerere University Muslim Student Association (MUMSA) devoted to strengthening the Muslim community through service and activism, educating both Muslims and people of other faiths about the religion of Islam, and facilitating a better environment for students on the college. The college connects students at the college to MUMSA through the Chairman who gives necessary informations like the activities to take place.

The intention of establishing CNSMSA should be entirely for the sake of Allah. Hence pray that it is successful, strong, and beneficial to all members and students alike. Membership to CNSMSA is not be restricted by reason of age, citizenship, color, disability, gender, race, religion, national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or status as a disabled veteran or veteran.    The CNSMSA under MUMSA and supervised by the patron ( Mr. Oola.S, Lecturer department of Sport Sciences), and headed by the chairman and the members below him. It was founded in place in the year 2009 by MUMSA devoted to strengthening the Muslim community through service and activism within the college and Makerere at large.

The committee in conjunctions with the hard working patron of the union Mr. Oola Steven may Allah accept our efforts  managed to secure and facilitate a prayer place behind the physics department in 2010, Thuhuri and Aswri prayers are now being performed there due to the long distance from the main mosque, given the tight schedule members operate with an average attendance of >20 Muslims /day we hope the number to increase Insha Allah.

Currently the members of  the association is about  60 muslims students including those in masters programme.

CNSMSA have two schools that is school of physical sciences which have department of chemistry, mathematics, physics, and geosciences. Secondly school of biological sciences which contains department of zoology, ethnobotany, biology, environmental sciences.



CNSMSA’s vision is “is to be association of excellence in upbringing a knowledgeable, responsible and responsive Muslim students’ population practicing Islam in total, participating in and contributing to the progress of the Muslim Ummah, in the college, Makerere, Uganda and the world at large.”


CONAS MSA seeks “to be a vibrant association that mobilizes and sensitizes the Muslim students to lead an Is

lamic life, participate in and contribute towards programmes aimed at moving the Muslim community forward through promotion of education, good leadership and moral uprightness, using the Qur’an and Sunnah as supreme sources of guidance.


 To provide students with specialized knowledge which will benefit them in this world and    here after.


The CNSMSA main objectives is to provides the necessary services through the provision of timely reliable accessible and affordable activities which links the members in it to the MUMSA and keeps strong muslim brotherhood among all muslims students in the university and the world at large.

The following activities are carried out at the college;

  1. To promote Academic Excellency among Muslim students in the college and Makerere at large.
  2. To promote Moral Uprightness among Muslim students.
  3. To foster Unity among Muslim students in makerere.
  4. To train Muslim students in Leadership and Management skills.
  5. To safeguard Muslim students Rights in various departments and institutions.
  6. To promote the Social Welfare of Muslim students.
  7. To Unite and Coordinate Muslim students activities within college.
  8. To encourage Muslim parents educate their children.
  9. To amalgamate with any Muslim organization pursuing similar causes.


CNSMSA shall achieve the above objectives through execution of the following activities among others;

Registration: The union register  members within our focal radius for proper record keeping of both associations, effective and strategic planning to ensure the progress of the visibility of Muslim students and their activities at the college and the university at large.

Publication: Publicize the association and its initiatives to all the concerned members in the university, fortunately both continuing and fresh students.

Sensitization: Sensitize the union and the mother association (MUMSA) to the students by regularly informing them about the forth coming and ongoing activities in the various associations and calling for their positive support.

Prayer place (masgid): We facilitated our prayer place behind the physics department, for Thuhuri and Aswri prayers due to the long distance from the main mosque given the tight schedule members operate.

Dawa activities: We hold weekly Halaqs after Aswri prayers on  every Tuesday and we also Carry out sensitization visits to academic institutions, schools, hospitals, prisons and mosques. One of the greatest Dawa activities is the finalist Dua which takes place at  end of every academic year (Second semester).