Makerere University Chemical Society (MUCS)


“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has got courage to lose sight of the shore.”  A certain writer says. The shore, being a piece of land near an ocean, there are greater chances of survival than on the ocean itself. This is due to the presence of fresh water, and some food on the shore. Unless one is willing to get out of that comfortable zone, they will never discover anything new.

On behalf of MUCS, I am privileged to introduce to you the first edition of our first news letter ever. It is a sign of the courage taken to lose sight of the shore. Sail   with me through this news letter and you will discover things you knew nothing about.

Have you ever wondered what MUCS is all about? How about what it does! Talk of who is eligible to be its member, all is here just for you. To crown it all, an interview with our president awaits you. Miss if you must. God bless you as we build for the future.


The makerere university chemical society (MUCS) is an association which units and seeks to ascertain and represent the interests of all students of chemistry both graduate and undergraduate  i.e  BSc(CHEM),  BSc educ (CHEM), BSc External(CHEM), BSc Petroleum and Geoscience and BSc.industrial chemistry.MSC CHEM.

It was formed in 1971 with an excecutive committee of 11 members and monitored by a patron who constitutionally must be the head of department chemistry and it has existed since then although in the late 90’s the society experienced a down fall and later revived on the 9th day of may 2006 officiated over by then the head of department Dr STEVEN NYANZI and since then it has been in operation with now an executive committee of 21 members.

Vision: To be the reliable source of competent chemists and chemical Engineers.

Mission: Promoting an interest in chemistry and chemical engineering through Research and Development.

Motto: Chemistry for sustainable development.

The society was formed with the aim of;

Building and strengthening a good relationship between students and staff

Widening students knowledge by visiting other universities, industries and chemical firms

Selling the chemistry department outside the university through publications and periodicals like Newsletters

Encourage the art of research in the chemistry department and awarding both students and staff

Organizing public seminars with the aim of empowering both students and staff.


  1. Facilitation during research projects.
  2. Learning production skills of various products.
  3. Instilling basic research techniques.
  4. Leadership skills.
  5. Career development
  6. Enjoying subsidized prices on all products of MUCS and its activities
  7. Meeting professionals and gaining connections that will help you in your carrier development
  8. Academic and social tours
  9. Interacting and making new friends from undergraduate and postgraduate chemistry courses
  10. Participation in academic dialogues.

I know with that brief history, you know that the establishment of MUCS has long been and will continue to be the pioneers of a higher and effective level of leadership, management and academic thought it will continue the facilitation of productive and meaningful futures amongst constituents that will influence the enhancement of educational mentality and academic socialization.

MUCS invites you to strengthen the adhensive in this union, as we seek to rekindle and reform the educational and representative fabric of the chemistry department through the various means of effective participation.

To all chemistry students undergraduate and postgraduate incoming and outgoing, as we progress in our individual careers, let us remember, that education is only effective and meaningful when we use the knowledge and wisdom gained to positively influence and impact change in our communities.

MUCS Structure