Dr. John Wasswa, PhD

Dr. John Wasswa, PhD

Head of Chemistry Department, Makerere University
Makerere University, P.O. Box 7062, Kampala, Uganda

Dr. John Wasswa, PhD

Senior Lecturer


15 years’ experience as a scholarly Chemist at Makerere University, researcher and consultant with special focus on the fate and transport of organic pollutants in the environment. Currently my work focuses on legacy and emerging chemicals including Persistent Organic Pollutants.

More than 10 years of professional knowledge and experience in chemicals management, A reviewer of scientific papers in highly reputable journals.

Have served as a member of the National Coordination/Steering Committees for; the Stockholm Convention on POPs, Sustainable Consumption and Production Plans for Uganda and currently MINAMATA Convention on Mercury Initial Assessment in Uganda.

Coordinating Lead Expert for the Inventory on E-waste management practices in Uganda, Have trained in: environmental impact assessment; environment management/navigation; cleaner production technology; laboratory management; development of sustainable chemical processes for production of biofuels and bio-based chemicals from agricultural waste and non-food biomas


  • PhD (Chemistry), Makerere University
  • MSc (Chemistry), Makerere University
  • BSc (Chemistry), Makerere University (Upper Second Division)


  • The primary market value innovations of newly public firms
  • Auditor Tenure and Quality of Financial Report
  • Unexpected Fees and the Prediction of Material Weaknesses


Business Planning90%
Business Law70%
Lecture Skill100%