The Second Photovoltaic Workshop held

The Department of Physics conducted the second Photovoltaic Workshop on the 9th to 13th September 2013 at the School of Food Science, Nutrition and Bioengineering conference hall. This is an initiative by the Renewable Energy Research Group (RERG) in the department. Other partners in the initiative are Centre for Research in Energy and Energy Conservation (CREEC) and the College of Engineering, Design Art and Technology. Participants of the workshop included Solar Suppliers, Installers, Solar Retailers, students from higher institution of learning, Trainers (Teachers, Technical Institution tutors, NGO’S Outreach personnel), and Government personnel.

The workshop began with a two day theoretical session followed by 3 days of practical sessions reflecting solar system sizing, installation and designing techniques. The RERG believes that people learn by doing. The training is expected to provide skills to participants to design, build and maintain energy systems that are efficient.

The workshop was opened by Dr. Florence Mutonyi D’ujanga, the Chair – Department of Physics who also represented the Principal of CoNAS. In her remarks, Dr. D’ujanga said, ‘learning never stops and happy that participants in attendance cut across the various sectors’. She also noted that sunshine should be looked at as a major resource and opportunity to reduce energy costs in Uganda. In his remarks, the coordinator of training at CREEC noted that he is happy that all participants were privately funded as opposed to the usual scenario of free courses in the region. This means that people are beginning to appreciate that skills development is their responsibility.

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