Energy & Petroleum (EnPe) Project

Capacity Building in Renewable Energy Education & Research – Capacity 5

About the Project:

The project is funded by NORAD through the EnPe Project; the EnPe Secretariat is based at NTNU, Trondheim-Norway. The project period is 2014-2019.  The overall goal of the project is to build capacity in renewable energy education and research. The main research in Makerere is focussed on developing solar thermal energy storage systems with cooking applications.

The project consists of a network of universities namely;

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The partner universities have had collaborations before under the NUFU and NOMA projects; this network has been maintained and strengthened under the current project.

At Makerere University, the project supports solar energy research at the Department of Physics and bioenergy research at the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Main research work is at PhD level; there are four PhD candidates:- three in solar energy and one in bioenergy. All four PhD candidates are staffs of public universities.

At the MSc level, the project supported tuition and research for 6 MSc students. Currently, due to the increase in numbers of the students, the project only supports research activities of MSc. students.

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