Student ID Process Guidelines

The Academic Registrar, Makerere University has issued guidelines for through which first year students may process and receive their Identity (ID) cards through the AIMS Portal.


AIMS Student ID service is enabled in Each Student’s Portal.

This guide highlights the process for the various ID services a student can request for via their Portal.

ID Services Enabled

  • Request For New IDs for New Students
  • Request For ID Replacement
  • File Complaint About Not Having Received An ID

a) Requesting for a New ID (New Students )

After having fullfilled all the first time registration requirements and having had their photos and signatures captured, new students have to validate their biodata on their portals before their IDs are printed as detailed below.

  1. Log Into Portal and Select the Service Requests Menu.
  1. Select ID Card Services
  1. Select New ID Option (Only Available for New Students)
  1. Validate Biodata
  1. Keep Checking on the Updates Until You are informed to Pick Up your ID.
  1. Notification to go Pickup the ID.
  2. Makerere-AR-Student_ID-Guidelines-First_Years-April2021-6