Prey, predator and super-predator model with disease in the super-predator

TitlePrey, predator and super-predator model with disease in the super-predator
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsMbava, W, Mugisha, JYT, Gonsalves, JW
JournalApplied Mathematics and Computation
Volume 297
Date Published15 March 2017
KeywordsPredator–prey system; Eco-epidemiology; Stability; Infectious disease

The dynamics of a predator–prey model with disease in super-predator are investigated. The predator is under immense competition from the super-predator and is also facing extinction. The disease is considered as biological control to allow the predator population to regain from a low number. The results highlight that in the absence of additional mortality on predator by super-predator, the predator population survives extinction. At current levels of disease incidence, the super-predator population is wiped out by the disease. However, the super-predator population survives extinction if the disease incidence rate is low. Persistence of all populations is possible in the case of low disease incidence rate and no additional mortality imparted on predator. Furthermore, a two-species subsystem, prey and predator, is considered as a special case to determine the effect of super-predator removal from the system, on the survival of the predator. This is treated as a contrasting case of the smaller parks. The results show that the predator population thrives well in the total absence of its main competitor, with its population rising to at least twice the initial value.