The importance of on-farm biosecurity

TitleThe importance of on-farm biosecurity
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsDione, M, Masembe, C, Akol, J, Amia, W, Kungu, J, Wieland, B
KeywordsBiosecurity; Pigs; antibody; pathogens; seroprevalence; smallholder

Productivity of pigs in smallholder systems is affected by high disease burden, most of which might not be obvious, with their epidemiology and impact being poorly understood. This study estimated the seroprevalence and identified risk factors of a range of bacterial and viral pathogens of potential economic and public health importance in domestic pigs in Uganda. A total of 522 clinically healthy pigs were randomly selected from 276 pig farms in Masaka (142) and Lira (134) districts of Uganda in 2015.