Angular displacement and SOP speeds......

TitleAngular displacement and SOP speeds......
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsNabadda, E, Ireeta, WT, Gibbon, TB
JournalOptik, Elsevier
Start Page77
Date Published5 April 2018
KeywordsAerial fiber, Buried fiber, Polarization, Polarization maintaining fiber, Single mode fiber

Optical fiber transmission suffers significant penalty from dispersion related effects. In thisstudy, we experimentally investigate angular displacement and speed of state of polar-ization in single mode fibers (SMF) and polarization maintaining fibers in two states, i.e.aerial and buried state. The results show that a buried single mode fiber incurs minimalchange of state of polarization (implying lower polarization mode dispersion) as comparedto a buried polarization maintaining fiber, with a slight difference of 0.000464 standarddeviation (spread). This is a good finding, since, most of the telecom companies use sin-gle mode fibers for their transmission, so reinstallation might be so costly, time wastingand unnecessary as well as the costs that would be incurred in purchasing PMF which aremore expensive compared to the single mode fiber, as per ‘THORLABS’. i.e $33.75–$40.0 permeter of PMF compared to $7.0–$14.0 per meter of a single mode fiber. However in caseswhere aerial transmissions are un-avoidable, Polarization maintaining fibers are highlyrecommended as compared to single mode fibers.