Viral Bioinformatics and Genomics Courses

The course will provide participants with a working knowledge of viral genome sequence analysis and interpretation of genomics data generated from large-scale sequencing. Participants will have an opportunity to establish links and networks and develop future collaborative projects. Topics will include the use of the command line to perform analysis of viral NGS data, quality control of genomics data, reference and de-novo assemblies, pathogen detection from metagenomics data, annotation transfer from a reference genome and building phylogenetic trees.

Target audience
The course is free to attend and open to applicants based in Africa engaged in relevant research/clinical activities The programme is aimed at researchers at various levels including Senior Research Assistants, PhD students, Postdoctoral Researchers, Laboratory Scientists and Clinical Scientists/Healthcare Professionals.

Deadlines (at 23:59 UTC): Application and bursary deadline 07 March 2019

For More details, visit the link:

Venue: CoNAS, Makerere University