Presentation by Dr. Linda Sapochak from the US National Science Foundation at 5th Pearl of Africa Lecture Series

Dr. Linda Sapochak, Director of the Division for Materials Research from the US National Science Foundation was hosted by the Department of Physics, College of Natural Sciences on a visit to Makerere University on the 12th October 2016. At the lecture, Linda presented the vision, the goal, of the US National Science Foundation and how researchers at Makerere can collaborate with US institutions through the foundation. She also discussed the available funding modes together with opportunities for international engagement.

From her insights, Dr. Sapochak explained that, ‘the NSF is an Independent Federal Agency established in 1950 following a historic recommendation that “the US Government should accept new responsibilities for promoting the flow of scientific knowledge and the development of scientific talent in our youth.” In its 65 years of existence the agency has grown to become one of the main sources of funding to the US academic community in the US and fostering international collaboration across the world. The agency accepts about 45,000 proposals annually and disburses about $7billion of award through it’s a diverse funding mode’.

Dr. Linda Sapochak’s power point presentation is available for download


Written By: 
Ms. Zaam Ssali, Communication Officer CoNAS