Four Long Serving Staff Retire

At a colourful ceremony held on the 1st March 2017, the Department of Zoology, Entomology and Fisheries Sciences (ZEFs) bade farewell to four staff. ZEFs is one of the seven departments of the College of Natural Sciences (CoNAS). Professor Fredrick Bugenyi, Professor J.B. Kaddu, Dr. Anne Miyingo retiring at rank of Senior Lecturer and Mr. Bernard Rugasira who served as Technician; were honoured at the event for their long service to Science and Makerere University.

In his remarks in recognition of their services, the Prof. J.Y.T Mugisha – Principal College of Natural Sciences said, ‘It is a great joy to render service, more so, effective service. To CoNAS, the service of these members has been absolutely exemplary, full of relentless guidance, and as a result, to the younger generation of staff is a wonderful learning experience’. The College cherishes every single moment they have spent on mentorship. He further noted that, their long service ranges from teaching, to supervision of students, writing of programmes, heading departments, heading faculties, chairing committees, directing departments, appointment to top management, representation at different levels (nationally and internationally), doing scientific research and publishing, in addition to, fostering local and international collaborations. At CoNAS we are therefore extremely proud to have been associated with these staff. Their dedicated efforts as well as the research grants they won have laid a firm foundation for the future, and greatly aided the internationalization aspect of the University.

The colleagues that the retiring staff leave behind had beautiful stories about the retiring members. Many of the current staff had been taught and mentored by the retirees detailing what they had learned from the former, which knowledge has greatly contributed to their careers. The products of the retirees cannot be underestimated having taught at undergraduate and graduate levels. They also published lots of research publications in internationally peer reviewed journals and books in their areas of specialisation thereby contributing to new knowledge. Mr. Rugasira according to his patriots will be greatly missed for his pragmatism in preparing for practicals for students and staff.

Written By: 
Ms. Zaam Ssali, Communication Officer CoNAS