CoNAS has a New Deputy Principal


At a ceremony held on Friday 14th July 2017, Assoc. Prof. Mango handed over office to Assoc. Prof. Muyodi as the Deputy Principal of the College of Natural Sciences (CoNAS). The handover was witnessed by the Principal and Heads of Departments of CoNAS and members of Assoc. Prof. Mango’s family.

In his remarks at the ceremony, Prof. J.Y.T Mugisha commended the service and hard work exhibited by Assoc. Prof. Mango during his term as Deputy Principal. He noted that Mango has been the encyclopaedia of the college having managed the academic role of the Principal’s office; he managed the admissions, exams, disciplinary issues, exam irregularities, curriculum, research and graduate issues among others. Prof. Mugisha further noted that his hope is that ‘Assoc. Prof. Mango will continue to assist and be consulted on academic issues of the college. His expertise in proposal development, international contacts is area that will continue to benefit CoNAS’.

Welcoming Assoc. Prof. Muyodi into office, the Principal said, having served as Dean I believe Assoc. Prof. Muyodi will take forward the work of Assoc. Prof. Mango. The two have worked together over the last four years.

Handing over office, Assoc. Prof. Mango thanked the Principal, Heads of Departments and all college staff for making his work easier. He apologised for any disagreements between him and staff. He also thanked his family for the support during his term handling work in such a hectic office. Assoc. Prof. Mango said Prof. Mugisha is a collegial and supportive leader, he advised Assoc. Prof. Muyodi to be open minded which will make his work easier.

Assoc. Prof. Muyodi accepted office and promised the heads of departments that he will do his best to take forward the accomplishments and standards by Assoc. Prof. Mango. Assoc. Prof. Muyodi noted his appreciation of the mentorship offered by Prof. Mango and the well-documented handover report.

The heads of departments thanked Assoc. Prof. Mango for the mentorship, open door policy and pragmatism during his term of office. All the speakers hoped that he will be on hand to support them where possible and they wished him well in his next steps. The head of Mathematics where Assoc. Prof. Mango is returning welcomed him with open arms.

Written By: 
Ms. Zaam Ssali, Communication Officer CoNAS