Christine Kyalimpa successfully defends her PhD Thesis

At a PhD Defense held on the 21st November 2017 in the Botany/Zoology Lecture Theatre, Christine Kyalimpa successfully defended her PhD thesis for the award of a degree of a Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry of Makerere University. The title of her thesis is: ‘Evaluation of Insecticidal Potency of the Essential Oil and Structure Elucidation of the Bioactive Compounds from Tagetes Minuta. In summary, her study was intended to determine whether essential oils from Tagetes minuta can be used as an insecticide against mosquitoes carrying malaria causing parasites.  Recommendations out the presentation and discussions include: government should consider review of policy to support cultivation of Tagetes minuta as a source of insecticide; provision of information to the population so the plant is widely cultivated; encourage the commercial growing of the plant in various areas of the country and marketing it as an income generation initiative. Currently the plant is wildly growing in forests and mainly in the Albertine Graben (western and west nile regions of Uganda) where oil and gas exploration is active. It is possible that the environmental changes in the Albertine Graben during oil and gas exploration may will the growth of Tagetes minuta.