Diploma Admission Requirements, 2014/2015


  1. Bachelor of Science

(a)      A Diploma in Education from National Teachers Colleges.

The applicants must have studied any of the following subjects: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Physics, 

Geography or Agriculture.

(b)     At least an ordinary Diploma from the UTCs and recognised Institutions

The applicants must have studied any of the following subjects:

Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

(c)      A Diploma from any of the following Agricultural Colleges:

Arapai, Nyabyeya, Fisheries Training Institute Entebbe, Bukalasa, Busitema, Veterinary Training Institute- Entebbe.

The candidates should have studied any of the following subjects:  Agriculture, Biology.

(d)     A Diploma from any of the Schools of Health (Medicine)

Radiographers, Dispensers, Nurses, Medical Laboratory Technicians or Environmental Health Officers. 

2.  Bachelor of Science in Ethnobotany

Holders of a Diploma in Science based subjects with a bias in Biology, Chemistry or Agriculture from recognised Institutions may be admitted to the Programme. 

3.  Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry

(a)      An ordinary Diploma from UTCs and recognised Technical Colleges with qualifications in Chemistry and Mathematics or related fields.

(b)     A Diploma in Education with Chemistry and either Mathematics or Physics.

4.   Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology

Relevant Second Class Diploma from recognised Institutions in the following areas:

(a)                                      Biotechnology

(b)                                     Biology

(c)                                      Agriculture

(d)                                     Biomedical Sciences

5.    Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Aquaculture

At least a Second Class or Credit Diploma in Fisheries Management and Technology, Aquaculture Yacht and Boat Building, Veterinary Sciences or the equivalent from recognised Institutions.

6.   Bachelor of Sports Science

 At least a Second Class or Credit Diploma in the relevant subject(s) such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, Commerce  from recognised Institutions of Higher Learning.

7.   Bachelor of Science in Conservation Biology

At least a Second Class or Credit Diploma from recognised Institutions with a bias in Biology, Chemistry, Forestry, Wildlife, Animal Husbandry, Environmental Education and Environmental Management.

8.   Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Geosciences and ProductionThe applicant must have obtained at least a Second Class or Credit Diploma in Science based disciplines with a bias either in Physics,  Chemistry or Mathematics or a Higher Diploma in Engineering and /or Geo-sciences.