AfDB Scholarship Announcement

Makerere University is one of the AfDB-HEST beneficiary Institutions being supported in the areas of infrastructural development.  The Merit based scholarships for needy students is one of the Sub-Components under the 4 year GoU Secured Loan from AfDB (V) HEST funded programme (2013/14 – 2017/18).  The scholarships have been earmarked for NEEDY but BRIGHT students.  Only students from rural Secondary Schools are eligible to apply.

Makerere University invites applications from students admitted to the University on private sponsorship for academic year 2014/2015 in the following Colleges;

College                                                                  Programmes           Number of Places

1.       College of Health Sciences                                  All                         4

2.       College Engineering, Design,

          Art and Technology                                            All                         4

3.       College of Natural Sciences                                All                         4

4.       College of Veterinary Medicine

          Animal Science & Biosecurity                             All                         4

5.       College of Agriculture and

          Environmental Sciences                                     All                         4

6.       College of Business and

          Management Sciences                                       All                         3                          

7.       College of Computing and

          Information Technology                                    All                         3

8.       College of education and

          External Studies                                               B.Sc/Education        2

          Total                                                                                             22                        

The scholarships will cover only tuition and functional fees.

Application forms and other relevant information may be obtained from the Academic Registrar’s Department, Senate Building, Level 3, (Office 303) or can be downloaded from our

The application forms will be received from 15th – 19th September, 2014.  Applicants are expected to attach a 500 ward motivation/personal statement detailing case for support, a copy of the admission letter to Makerere University, photocopies of all academic documents, three Passport size Photographs and a copy of the Birth certificate.